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Club Breakfast

Aktualisiert: 27. Feb. 2019

CoWomen begrüßt euch in der Alten Münze! Beginnt den Tag mit einem Powerfrühstück und der Inspiration der CoWomen Community!

Wir freuen uns auf ein gemeinsames Frühstück bei COWoman!

CoWomen | Alte Münze

Am Krögel 2, Berlin, Deutschland




08:30 - 10:00

Start the day with a power breakfast & the inspiration of the CoWomen community

Join us for an inspiring club breakfast in our community and coworking space at Alte Münze in Berlin Mitte. In addition to a hot cup of coffee and delicious breakfast, we get inspired by an impulse by Dawn Hodorowski-Braun.

What’s the impulse about?

Find your networking superpower! Have you ever gone to a networking event wishing you had talked to more people in the end? Or wishing you had told them more or different things about yourself? Then join us, network with other women on the rise and get an impulse on the things that are important while networking. So for the next breakfast you can activate all your networking superpowers.

At the CoWomen Club Breakfast, you will get a chance to tell a bit about yourself as well as let others inspire you. You will also get some tips and tricks when it comes to networking. Through series of thought-provoking questions you will be able to find women with whom you can collaborate and dig deeper in conversation.

Dawn Hodorowski-Braun will be moderating the event.  As a member of Co-Women she is excited to get to know all of you! Her 10 year background in Training and coaching allows her to lead groups with comfort, experience and energy.

Breakfast is free for all CoWomen: Log in to sign up for the event.

About Dawn Hodorowski-Braun

Dawn’s professional experience with many international companies, non-profits and universities enables her to adapt her training and coaching style to the needs at hand for both groups and individuals. Her professional experience in personnel development, customer service and management enables her to empathize with a variety of perspectives.

Directions to the CoWomen space

Enter through the main entrance of the Alte Münze, Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin-Mitte, and follow the signs to The Greens cafe. On the right of the cafe is another entrance with big double doors. Enter there and then take the stairs all the way up. When you’re at the top, CoWomen is on the right at the end of the hallway.

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